About MeraProfessor.com

MeraProfessor is an initiative to restore your trust in Karma. It is a platform where millions of Indian students can share reviews about their Professors and Colleges by rating them. We expect our website to help students judge the quality of teaching in various fields. Now since you have the power, don't misuse it. We hope that professors will use this site as a feedback to improve their teaching quality and not get offended. In the end, "Maaf kar dena, bachhe hain."

We have a defined parameters of question. Well this isn't an exam so we have made sure that the questions are every student's fantasy to judge the professor. They can also write comments about the professors and we will not be reveling any student's identity (We can already see the devil horns on your head). College is a place where students spend their valuable time from Chai at Tapri to Convocation and Farewell parties. This portal will satisfy the curiosity of students as they get a chance to have a prelude of the professor, the course and the college before even going for it. On the other hand, professors & university/colleges will become famous with so many students checking them out and hitting on them. Any publicity is good publicity.

Mera Professor.com doesn't encourage or support students to be disrespectful and use profane language towards their teachers while writing reviews, we don't want you'll to spoil the fun. We endeavour to get millions of students heard on this website. Any form of foul language and irreverence in the reviews is strictly discouraged because even we don't want Karma to do bad to you.

Happy Rating!